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Long House Builders is a lean and efficient company that specializes in building custom homes. We prefer to do most of the work ourselves. Everyone, including the boss, wears a tool belt everyday.  We can manage large jobs, swooping in to install important finishes or we can build the entire project from foundation to finish. We recognize that we are in a service industry and we want you to enjoy the build as much as we do!

We maintain a high level of finish by keeping our team small.  We are on the jobsite all the time and are constantly vigilant about quality.  Our subcontractors respect our dedication to craft and rise to meet us.  We keep things clean.  We offer transparent bookkeeping and update our accounts in real time. This affords you a greater understanding of how your money is being spent and leads to a more informed decision making process.

Once, when leaving the jobsite at the end of a cold Maine day, an old timer said to me “Ayup, we sure made some shadows today.”  My back was tired, my hands were cold and I couldn’t wait to come back the next day.  There is so much satisfaction gained from making beautiful homes for great people.  Much of this satisfaction comes from participating in the entire building process from the beginning to the end.  Rather than be a small part in an assembly line, we take ownership over each and every step along the way.  This is a great source of our pride and at the end of the day it makes a better house.

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